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We are two polyamorous adults with two children, seeking for more life partners in order to form a commune or tribe and build together a new culture, able to fulfill in a sustainable way not just our basic needs but also our legitimate aspirations for emotional and physical closeness, a healthy sexuality, connection with Nature, knowledge and research, cultural and artistic expression, etc.

We foster warm and egalitarian relationships, sincere and empathetic communication, tolerance and humbleness. We consider this essential in order to live together in a fair and enriching way, making a very close cooperation of more people possible, thus allowing a higher level of economical and ecological sustainability, and ideally both an expansion of our new culture and a positive influence on the society at large.

We seek a balance between traditional knowledge and experimentation, intuition and reason, recreational and practical activities, as aspects of a holistic life. We envision the whole tribe rather than just parents as responsible for the care and education of children, respecting their development process, diversity, freedom and creativity.

For us, a holistic conception of health includes freedom from drug abuse (both illegal and legal), and caring for our physical and mental well-being preferably by natural non-aggressive means, acknowledging disturbing symptoms as conveying a message rather than just trying to suppress them. We also avoid radiations such as those from microwave ovens and wireless devices, some of us are sensitive to them.

We strive to reduce our ecological footprint by having a simpler lifestyle. We grow part of our food and seek to become more self-sufficient and use a higher proportion of renewable energy sources. Being more people would make this easier.

We are conscious about the effects of our diet choices on our health, the environment and animal welfare. We follow a vegetarian diet, but we might be open to include a small proportion of meat in case we develop an efficient permacultural design that produces it. We aim to move closer to a 100% organic diet.

We share our income, and we are trying to figure out ways of deriving it from ethical and meaningful activities, avoiding if possible to resort to external jobs. We run a small organic food importing business, but it's not really profitable yet. One of us owns the house we live in and the land we cultivate, we acknowledge that this is not optimal from an egalitarian point of view and we are open to discuss ways of overcoming this problem.

We live in Skattungbyn, a beautiful Swedish village that has a large proportion of alternative-minded people. While our main objective is to grow as a close-knit group, we are open to join or help build a larger, looser intentional community or ecovillage, either here or elsewhere, although it's not so easy for us to move, at least for the next few years.

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